“I am very happy I had the opportunity to attend this course. I’ve learnt everything I need to know about professional recording. Finding out about mixing and mastering was the most interesting part for me. I think every musician should go to this course to learn more about what is going on on ‘the other side!”
— Tomas Siroky

The cost of the course is £200 per person. Places for each course are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

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Course Overview

This unique and innovative course, run by Brighton Road Recording Studios co-owner Jake Skinner, gives you the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ in a professional recording session and learn all the studio essentials from microphone choice & techniques to comping, editing, mixing and much more! 

Each 2 day course takes place at the studio over a weekend, where Jake will take you through the process of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering one full-band song from start to finish. The ‘Introduction to Recording, Mixing & Mastering’ course is taught in small groups and is perfect for those just starting out in the world of recording, or for musicians looking to take their home recording and mixing skills to the next level.

The DAW used in the course is Apple Logic Pro X, however most of the skills taught are transferrable to other recording software. At the end of each course students are given a copy of the Logic project and the 'stems' from the session so they can practice their editing and mixing skills at home!

What will I learn?

Subjects covered include:

- Signal path and gain structure
- Microphone selection and techniques
- Monitoring
- Controlling 'bleed' and an introduction to phase relationships
- Timing/pitch editing
- Mixing techniques
- Basic mastering
- Exporting your finished mix for release

Who is the course for?

  • Beginner to intermediate level recording/music production enthusiasts 
  • Musicians/songwriters wanting to record and produce their own demos at home
  • Aspiring recording engineers/music producers 
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about recording/music production in a professional studio environment

What are previous students saying?

"A very interesting course that gave me invaluable insight into the world of recording, mixing and mastering. Jake is a great teacher - knowledgable and passionate - and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a broad understanding of the recording process.” - Andrew Davies
"Jake is an amazing teacher and all round great guy - I had the opportunity to attend the recording, mixing and mastering course and would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to gain some knowledge in this area. A weekend very well spent - thank you!" - Ella Mae Sueref
"The course was great, from the moment I arrived I felt welcomed. The course itself was extremely informative and I have already started applying some of the techniques I learnt to my own projects, where I've noticed a huge difference in my mixes and recording approaches!” - Will Pennell
"The 'Introduction to Recording, Mixing and Mastering' course has been great. We worked with amazing gear and we learned a lot about it, but the amazing part for me has been mixing a track at professional level using pretty much only the DAW's plug-ins, which is super useful for us composers and home producers that don't really have (yet!) expensive hardware available in our studio/bedroom. Jake has been great in explaining all the processes, and open to any kind of questions. Totally recommend it.” - Gregorio Manenti

"Great weekend. Fantastic studio. Jake is an excellent engineer and translates this exceptionally through his teaching method. Fully recommend!" - Tom Ayres

"A well thought out, practical and interactive presentation. Jake guided the class, with a hands-on approach, through the recording process; producing an audio track with a live band in residence. Jake covered studio organisation, microphone and recording techniques and mixing/processing to the final production of a mastered recording. An excellent course and highly recommended.” - Chris Harland