At Brighton Road Recording Studios we strongly believe in the importance of capturing the best possible sound at source. Although modern technology can solve many problems from the recording stage later, we believe there is no substitute for the use of quality instruments, classic microphones and amazing preamps to capture the best performance in the correct sounding environment. The design of the studio reflects this - although we use sophisticated computer and editing tools, we also have a large collection of the best 'traditional' recording equipment: microphones, analogue gear, instruments and beautiful sounding rooms.

We are happy to record in whatever way best suits a project. Whether that's tracking a whole band live together, working on instruments individually, or programming & editing from the ground up. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to recording and we believe the studio has been set up to excel in any genre or recording style.



Both Ali and Jake are very experienced mix engineers, used to working both with projects where we have recorded everything in the studio, or with projects using files recorded elsewhere. At Brighton Road, considerable time and energy has been put into creating a mixing environment where we can deliver the highest possible quality results from whatever source we are working with. We are very proud of our Control Room where mixing takes place and have designed it to be a very fair and unbiased listening environment.



Brighton Road is an ideal choice for projects with a greater level of production input from the in-house engineers. Both our backgrounds are in producing music and as such Brighton Road can provide a rare level of production, songwriting, arrangement and musicianship to help fulfil a project's full potential. We also specialise in co-production projects where help is needed but there is a strong direction already existing. We're also happy just to engineer and help with the technical side if it's clear what the production aims are already.



We provide mastering for both projects recorded at Brighton Road and those recorded elsewhere. Whether for subtle changes to the EQ and dynamic for that professional finish, or beefing up tracks for maximum punch and volume, our listening environment and speakers allow us to provide that final touch that's hard to achieve outside of the studio.